Strane ”Uncut” – tasting notes

This entry will be in English, as the link below is in the Queen’s language.

Our range of Strane London Dry Gins has three different versions, being the Merchant Strength (47,4 %), the Navy Strength (57,1 %) and then the Uncut Strength (75,3 % in this case; will vary slightly). These versions have somewhat differing purposes, with Merchant being general purpose, Navy being perfect for your Martini or similar relatively Clean cocktails – and Uncut is simply an experience in ”gintensity”, as it is the strength of flavour that is the key issue, not the alcoholic strength as such; Uncut is superb on its own, room temperatured and certainly also frozen, but will offer a very pronounced gin character to any drink it is used in.

Strane Uncut has now been made available in Sweden, through the state monopoly Systembolaget, and in the UK through a few specialist retailers. Thus, it has spread to some real gin enthusiasts and connoisseurs, which has resulted in the following tasting and evaluation, which we find excellent enough to simply concur with:

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